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Zakeh - UPDATED : December 20, 2014

Press the Generator button to generate unlimited resources for the game.
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NOTE: You can generate the resources for your friends too.

Infinite Health
1 Shot 1 Kill
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Anti-Ban Script

About us and our Pou Cheats

Hello everybody! I am Matt and I am a creator of Pou Cheats. Ihave a programming team specialised in mobile apps. However, from time to time, we decide to make cheats for some famous games, like Pou! By using our cheats, you can get unlimited resources and unlock items without any risk! Creating a cheat like this was time consuming but we finally made it. Now, its up to you, to take advantage of it! If you would like to learn more about our ONLINE tool, keep reading. If you wanna use the cheats immediately, just click on the button above - "Generator".

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Some words about the Online tool

Pou is an android game which has recently gained popularity. Pou is the name of the alien pet that loves to eat and play. You have to do everything that you do for you pet in real- feed it, clean it, play with it , make it exercise, get it to sleep and watch it grow. You can also transfer the Pou from one device to another until and unless the same version of the game is used. Even if the device is formatted, you can resume your last saved game from your account log. Of course, like in many other games, also in Pou resources are one of the main tools how to progress in the game. And this can be difficult to achieve,if you don't want to buy them. Or would you like just to unlock all items for FREE? That's when, Pou Cheats comes on the scene. It is available on all platforms including ios, android and blackberry. The game has become so popular that the cheats and hacks now a must for fans of this game.

Pou Online Generator - Presentation

Most people when playing this game have problems, they don't have enough resources which limitates them to be better in the game. They need to spend money on resources, which I don't like - paying for some virtual resources. Me and my team, we came up with an online cheat tool, which will be able to generate thousands of Coins and Potions for players plus unlock items.SO what is the thing that us stopping you from using the cheats and winning over all of your competitors? Rest assured that you won’t suffer any harm while using them, and start playing now! Download the game if you haven’t done already. Start on a mission and get going with the help of this online tool. The experience will be enjoyable and memorable at the same time! Let me introduce you the ONLINE Tool.

How it works?

The functionality of our this cheat is guaranteed and thousands of people daily are using this online tool. We tried to make the interference so simple, that even kids (which loves playing this game!) are able to set up the whole generator correctly and be successful when generating the resources. Moreover, if you are asking if it is safe to use these cheats, I have a good news for you! It is totally safe! Our tool cannot be detectable, which is thanks to our special anti-ban script. We include this script to each of our hack and cheat tools, so anytime, you decide to use cheats made by our team, you can sleep well. You account will stay alive! the updated game versions.

Pou Cheats Features :

- Get Unlimited Coins
- Get Unlimited Potions
- Unlock All Items
- Grey Body Colour
- No download required! Cheats are ONLINE! - Anti- Ban Script

How to use it?

As said before, using the hack is very simple and not time consuming at all. All process can be done under 1 minute, if done well. The first step is to land to our Pou cheats online page , which can be found on this website. After you are redirected to the website, you will be introduced to a simple form, which serves to generate your resources. You enter your Pou username, and then, select the number of resources! In our case, you select coins and potions, and optionally, you can unlock all items. When all done, just simply click hack now and the requests will start to proceed. As you can see, the method how to use our online generator is no rocket science. Even if you encounter any problems while using the generator, feel free to contact our support team, we will be glad to help you.

Pou Cheats

Questions and Answers

Q : Will the cheats keep working even if the developers patched the game?
A : Of course! We have already experiences a few patches from the part of developers, and we succeeded to keep our Pou cheats working! So in case there is any update of the game, we are able to upgrade our cheat tool in 1 day.

Q : Is it safe to use these cheats?
A : Of course, the decision is up to you, but I can tell you, you don't risk anything. As we said before, we are using a special anti-ban script which makes the use of the tool safe.

Q : Do I have to download anything?
A : No, you don't! 2 Months ago, we enriched the cheats with the ONLINE platform, which has a immense popularity between players. The users don't have to download anything and you can receive their resources directly from their browser.

Q : Are there any other cheats available for more mobile games?
A : Cheats for pou are in total the 6th cheats tool we developed and we still keep creating others. Would you appreciate the ONLINE cheats made by our hands for any other games? Then contact our support and we will consider your request!


 Wow guys, you rock! Firstly, I couldn't believe there are cheats like these out there, but one day a friend of mine sent me this website and since then I have been generating 10k coins and potions daily! thanks 

Robert Movins

Freelance Graphic Designer

 Unbelievable! This site saved me tons of money I would otherwise spent on the resources. Since finding your site, I can more enjoy the game Pou. Keep doing the great work! 

Patrick B. Foster

PRO Gamer


So what can you achieve with this online tool? With this generator, you can unlock the special items by eating all candies 9 times, eat all fruit once, eat all sushi one time, eat all food and drinks three times etc. Moreover, you can earn unlimited Coins and Potions. These cheats are not to be downloaded and hence, are virus free. All this like unlimited coins, changing colour of Pou and unlocking items are tested and proven to be secured with anti-ban protection. Pou cheats are so safe that even the powerful servers cannot detect it and thus the players don’t get banned. This is without doubts a special arsenal, all players loving this game should be using on a daily basis! Good Luck!