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Zakeh - UPDATED : December 20, 2014

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Pou Tips and Tricks

Pou is one of the special games where you test your parent's skills. In this game, your main role will be to bathe and feed your pou, and of course, you cannot forget to play with it! When your pou grows up, the game will allow you more features and like the possibility to buy new outfits for your pet! Now let's have a look at the best tips and tricks you can use when playing this game!

1. Don’t forget to clean your pet!

Well, pou is not just a casual animal. Actually, it behaves like men! Why ? When you give food to your favourite pet, you need to clean him after! You can clean him simply buy tapping on your pou. Wash it with water and soap and it will thank you for it! If by chance you forget or don’t clean him on purpose, you risk the pou can get in its Health Decreasing.

2. Help yourself with mini games

Pou, like a normal pet, it loves playing too! You can do it by playing mini games. Doing so, you do not only increase your Pet fun status, but you also earn coins and can get some achievement too. As you know, the coins can be used for customising the pets house or for buying some good meal for him. If you reach some achievement, you can unlock a secret item. So take advantage of these mini games NOW!

3. Feed him regularly

The most problems I see other players are doing is they forget to feed its pet regularly. Moreover, Pou won't be happy with 2 meals a day as humans; he needs at least 4 meals daily! Amazing, what do you think? For the breakfast, you can give him some good pancakes or toasts. As of lunch, my pou loves sushi and some special drinks. Of course, you cannot forget on dinner, but don’t worry, junk food should be enough. And what comes after a good food? Yeah, you are right! A dessert is a must haha. If you underestimate this part of the game, you risk the health status of your pou can decrease dramatically. Just make sure your favourite pet always has enough drinks and food available each time!
pou tips

4. Use pou cheats

This is my favourite part! Actually, this part is what all this website is about! It's my favourite trick, using the online generator AKA pou cheats to generate coins and potions for free. Not many people know about our generator so take advantage of it and profit! Its totally free and this can get you rid of many problems when playing the game. Having unlimited coins and potions is a good feeling, don’t you think so?

5. You can always use pou potions

I know I know. Its not possible to make everything perfect. Well, in that case, potions are here! Sometimes you have no other choice but using them. They will help you to restore your stats as health. You can always choose between the big or small bottle. Of course, which one you decide for depends on the current status.

6. Check the stats on a regular basis

Dont forget to check the stats regularly. AS long as you check them each time you are on your phone, you don’t risk anything. There are, as you know, 4 main stats – Food, fun, health and energy. By looking at the stats, you will know which part of his life need to be worked on. These numbers can be increased easily, by the tricks I mentioned above.

7. Give it some sleep!

Like I said before, pou is almost like a real human! It needs some sleep as well! So each day, get your pou into its bedroom, turn off the lights, give some kiss (kidding haha) and let it rest for a few hours! When your pou wakes up, it will have 100% energy and you are good to go! That’s all my friends! I hope I gave you some nice tips how to improve your game and you will profit from it. Don’t forget, if you ever get into troubles, you can still use our pou cheats which will save you and your pou! Cheats are easy to use and can give you a big boost! If you have any other tips or tricks you would add to this guide, contact me and I can edit the article. I will be happy to hear from you!